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Monday, 18 January 2016

Minutes of  the 86th Annual General Meeting Of Mumbai Branch AIWC 

 The 86th Annual General Body Meeting of Mumbai Branch AIWC was held on 29th Dec, 2015 at Dadar-Matunga Branch, Seva Bharti, Matunga, Mumbai-400019



The 86th Annual General Body Meeting of Mumbai Branch AIWC was held on 29th Dec. 2015 at Dadar-Matunga Branch, Seva Bharti, Matunga, Mumbai- 400019 between 9.00 am to 4.00pm. Mrs Lalita Kashikar Hon. Secretary, Dadar-Matunga Branch extended a warm welcome to everyone. It was followed by Ganesh Vandana by Mrs. Medha Jambhekar, Trustee, Dadar-Matunga Branch. Mrs Lalita Kashikar then invited Mrs Rekha A Sali, President Mumbai Branch, Mrs Anuradha Manjrekar, Hon Secretary, Mumbai Branch, Mrs Jailaxmi Gupte, Hon. Treasurer,Mumbai Branch and Mrs Pushpa Surve, President, Dadar-Matunga Branch to light the auspicious lamp. She then invited the above mentioned dignitaries along with the Patrons of Mumbai Branch, AIWC Mrs Neela Vaidya, Mrs Shakuntala Parekhji, Mrs Unnati Hathi & Member-In-Charge, Gender Sensitisation AIWC Mrs Harsha Ladhani to the dias. All the dignitaries on the dias were felicitated with a bouquet of flowers by the Office Bearers of the Dadar-Matunga Branch. The Meeting began with the appointment of the Minutes Secretaries Mrs Kamini Mehta and Mrs Nila Raval. The compere Mrs Lalita Kashikar then invited President Mumbai Branch AIWC, Mrs Rekha A Sali to give her Presidential Address. The President first thanked everyone for supporting her to become the President of the prestigious Mumbai Branch, AIWC. She then gave a brief insight of the activities and work of Mumbai Branch , its branches and its four Projects. She also said that the Mumbai Branch Helpline has started functioning and so also the Website. She said that all of us must walk hand in hand and continue the good work of our predecessors Hon Secretary Mumbai Branch, Mrs Anuradha Manjrekar read the Minutes of the last AGM held on 26th November 2014 at Vile-Parle Branch. Hon. Secretary Mumbai Branch Mrs Nila Raval read the Condolence list and Hon Secretary Mrs Kamini Mehta read the Congratulations list. Apology for absence: Mrs Devyani Kulkarni, Perment Invaties of MBCC, Mrs Saroj Shah, Convenor, Shraddha Project, Mrs Smita Desai, Trustee of MBCC, Mrs Rashmi Desai, Trustee of MBCC, Mrs Nivedita Sheth, Vice-President of Hostel, Hon. Sec. of Shraddha Project, Mrs Rajashree Sawant, Legal Aid Committee Counselor, Mrs Chhaya Toney, Mrs Krishna Sharma, Mrs Priti Thakkar, Member of Gulmohur Branch,. Mrs Jailaxmi Gupte, Hon Treasurer, Mumbai Branch then presented the audited Balance Sheet of Mumbai Branch & the Street Children Project Shraddha No Name Read by Proposed by Seconded by 1 Audited Balance Sheet Mumbai Branch & Street Children Project Shraddha Mrs Jailaxmi Gupte Hon Treasurer Mumbai Branch Mrs Jayshree Nanavati, Kandivili Branch Mrs Kamal Paratey Gulmohur Branch Mrs Lalita Kashikar then invited Mrs Anuradha Manjrekar to present the Mumbai Branch Report President Mrs Rekha A Sali informed the house that for the first time in the history of Mumbai Branch AIWC,a Power Point Presentation of the activities and work of all Branches and Projects will be made. All the 4 secretaries of the Mumbai Branch then made a Power Point Presentation of all the activities of the branches in their respective zones No Name Read by Proposed by Seconded by 1 South Zone Mrs Panna Bhatia Hon Sec. Mumbai Branch Mrs Pragya Mehta Malad Branch Mrs Devyani Vora Santacruz (E) Branch 2 Mumbai Branch & North East Zone Mrs Anuradha Manjrekar Hon Sec. Mumbai Branch Mrs Sujata Sutaria Khar Branch Mrs Medha Jambhekar Dadar-Matunga Branch 3 North West Zone I Mrs Kamini Mehta Hon Sec. Mumbai Branch Mrs Daksha Desai Jogeshwari Branch Mrs. Munni Gandhi Vile-Parle Branch 4 North West Zone II Mrs Nila Raval Hon Sec. Mumbai Branch Mrs Vimala Jani Khar Branch Mrs Jyotsna Parekh Vile-Parle Branch. At the end of the presentation the President said that all the secretaries had worked very hard & all the members applauded their work with a loud applause She also said that our Hostel Warden Ms Mandakini Shinde had put in a lot of effort to prepare the Power Point Presentation and all the members gave a Standing Ovation to her. President Mrs Rekha A Sali then informed that this year all the senior members of the Mumbai Branch would be presented with a small token of appreciation for all the valuable services that they have rendered to the Mumbai Branch.She said that there are many senior members who have not become Presidents of MBCC out of their own choice,but have continued working in some capacity or the other. She said that this idea came to her when on attending the Vardhapan Day of Dadar Matunga Branch,she saw them honoring all their senior members. She had also mentioned this in one of the earlier meetings.She said that when she put this proposal in the Finance Committee Meeting all the members of the Finance Committee readily agreed. As such it was decided to honor all the Patrons , Trustees, Chairpersons & Convenors of the projects along with all the Permanent Invitees & all those who have worked as Office Bearers for more than 15 years & also those who have done some exceptional work for Mumbai Branch . The following are the recipients of this honor No Name No Name No Name 1 MRS NEELA VAIDYA 11 MRS CHHAYA DAHANUKAR 21 MRS REKHA BEDRE 2 MRS SHAKUNTALA PAREKHJI 12 MRS SHALINI MEHER 22 MRS JAILAXMI GUPTE 3 MRS SHEELA KAKDE 13 MRS DEVYANI KULKARNI 23 MRS NIVEDITA SHETH 4 DR MRS REKHA GOSALIA 14 MRS ROHINI BASTAWALA 24 MRS RADHA KULKARNI 5 MRS UNNATI HATHI 15 MRS TARA NATHANI 25 MRS SANDHYA VORA 6 MRS SAROJ SHAH 16 DR MRS URMILA VAKIL 26 MRS RAJASHREE SAWANT 7 MRS SHASHI GANDHI 17 ADV MRS PUSHPA GUPTE 27 MRS URVASHI SHUKLA 8 MRS PRAMILA KULKARNI 18 DR MRS HANSA PRADEEP 28 MRS SUVARNA KILLAWALA 9 MRS SMITA DESAI 19 MRS MOHNA MALHOTRA 29 MRS RASHMI DESAI 10 MRS USHA DESAI 20 MRS HARSHA LADHANI The 86th MBCC AGM Report was inaugurated by the President and all the dignitaries on the dias. After that Mr Rohit Shah ,Sebi registered Financial Planner, Adviser, Founder and CEO of DSP BLACKROCK and his wife Mrs Kinjal Shah gave their presentation on investment. They talked about how more money could be made in a systematic way by long term investment. Mrs Shah gave information on the various plans & schemes of Investment & also about Mutuall Funds. This seminar was very informative with a lot of questions being asked by the members. After this there was a short break for lunch After a delicious lunch which was sponsored by Network FP, the Second Session began with Project Reports and their accounts. They were presented by the respective secretaries & treasurers of the 4 projects. The MBCC secretaries also showed a few slides of the work of the projects. No Name Read by Proposed by Seconded by 1 RCDC Project Report Mrs Mohna Malhotra Hon Sec. RCDC Mrs Alka Bhagat Jogeshwari Branch Mrs Jyostna Damani Fort Branch 2 RCDC Project A/C Mrs Panna Bhatia Hon Trea. RCDC Mrs Pravina Shoraff Khar Branch Mrs Malti Singh Fort Branch 3 KBWW Hostel Project Report Mrs Pramila Kulkarni Chairperson Hostel Mrs Rekha Kothari Mahalaxmi/Walkeshwar Branch Mrs Devyani Vora Santacruz (E) Branch 4 KBWW Hostel A/C Mrs Radha Kulkarni Hon. Trea. Hostel Mrs Daksha Mehta Vile-Parle Branch Mrs Nalini Shah Santacruz (E) Branch 5 Education Project Mrs Saroj Barasara Hon. Sec. Education Mrs Indira Bhagat Fort Branch Mrs Pankaj Trivedi Santacruz (W) Branch 6 Education Project Mrs Sandya Vora Hon. Trea. Education Miss Mandakini Shinde Gulmohur Branch Mrs Shashikala Patankar Dadar-Matunga Branch 7 Shraddha Project Mrs Pramila Kulkarni Hon. Sec. Shraddha Mrs Lalita Kashikar Dadar-Matunga Branch Mrs Heena Parekh Fort Branch Power Point Presentation of Hostel presented by Hon. Secretary Mrs Anuradha Manjrekar, Education by Hon. Secretary Mrs Nila Raval, RCDC by Hon secretary Mrs Panna Bhatia and Shraddha by Hon secretary Mrs Kamini Mehta. The President appreciated the donation given by the Ghatkopar Branch for this AGM and also the Dadar Mutunga Branch for consenting to hold this AGM in their premises. They were each presented with a trophy . The Trophy committee consisting of Patrons Mrs Neela Vaidya, Mrs Shakuntala Parekhji & Mrs Unnati Hathi wwere invited to honor the winners. Patron Mrs Neela Vaidya explained the criteria on which the the winners were selected The Trophy was won by Gulmohur Branch and Merit Certificates were given to Dadar-Matunga, Fort Ghatkopar, Kandivili and Goregaon Hon. Secretary Mumbai Branch Mrs Kamini Mehta gave a Vote of thanks on behalf of Mumbai Branch. The President thanked Dadar-Matunga Branch and all the members for gracing the occasion. The meeting ended with the National Anthem. This entire program was compered by Mrs Lalita Kashikar, Secretary Dadar Matunga Branch.
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President -Sheela Kakde

Heartiest congratulations to our president smt. sheela r. kakde for being elected as secretary general aiwc new delhi. smt. sheela kakde created history as for the first time, election for the post of sec. general was uncontested.


From the President`s desk--- It is great pleasure for me to welcome and greet you all a Happy New Year! In my long journey of 25 years of Social Service , this is indeed a great moment for me to host this 82nd Annual conference of the All India Women`s Conference. It is really a gratifying thought, that at the beginning of my tenure as President of Mumbai Branch...


Padmabhushan,Dr. Sarojini Varadappan.

I am extremely happy to hear that Mumbai branch of the All India Women`s Conference is publishing the `Eighty years of Mumbai Branch` on the occasion of the 82nd Annual Conference to be held at Mumbai from 1st to 4th January 2010...


Dr. Dhairyabala Vora

I feel very proud and previledged to welcome all the guests and delegates to the 82nd Annual Conference of AIWC. It was in Mumbai, then known as Bombay that the seed of the organisation was sown and a small committee called the Social Reform and Education committee...


Annual Report

  Report of the 82nd annual conference

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