Report Of The Mumbai Branch Of Aiwc For The Year November 2008 To October 2009
It is a great pleasure to present before you the 82nd Annual Report of the Mumbai branch of the AIWC for the period between November 2008 to October 2009. The Mumbai branch has come a long way and has successfully marched forward in the field of women’s welfare. Women & children constitute a major part of our population & the Mumbai branch of the AIWC has stirred hard to help the hapless women & children progress each a decent livelihood. The Mumbai branch of the AIWC has worked relelentlessly with this very aim of empowering women with education & making them economically independent. To help the Mumbai branch achieve this goal there is a strong support of more than 11,000 members distributed over 24 branch spread all over the city of Mumbai. Most of these branches have firmly established themselves & they carry out various Educational, Medical, Legal, Cultural &Socio Economic activities. All the festivals irrespective of caste creed & religion are celebrated by almost all the branches. In addition to this four major projects have been undertaken by the Mumbai branch. The Mumbai branch is proud to mention that all these four projects are working smoothly & making progress day by day with the help of the various sub committees, good advisers and all the members.

The 4 major projects of the Mumbai branch of the AIWC are as follows. The Rural Community Development Centre RCDC at Talasari, The Smt. Kesarbai Bhimani Working Women’s Hostel at Juhu, The Education project at Dharavi & The Street Children Project Shraddha at Khar. The project of Legal Aid & Counselling Centre has recently been started at the Savitri Sadan Juhu. It is also slowly but surely gaining a foothold. .

Apart from the above mentioned projects, the various Workshops, Seminars & Educative lectures are conducted by the Mumbai Branch. It conducted a full day workshop on the working Pattern & Guidelines for the Secretaries & Treasures of constituent branches. For a clearer understanding our President Smt. Sheela Kakde made a Power Point presentation for the 1st time in the history of the Mumbai branch. .

Smt. Savita Thakur Director of Vidyanidhi Infotech Academy introduced our members to the world of Computers. She demonstrated the entire working process on the screen. .

Smt. Vanmala Power senior Inspector from the Police force was invited & she imparted useful information which would be helped in times of emergency. .

Smt. Rekha Kothari threw light on the plight & exploitation so street children & explained with the help of some very explanatory pictures. .

Dr. (Smt) Susan Eappen Sr. scientist form the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre enlightened the members on genetically modified food. .

Our President Smt. Sheela Kakde, who is also the Western zone Organiser,of the AIWC, conducted 3 workshops of 4 days each on the sensitisation of Women Bidi workers in different parts of Maharashtra. One workshop was held at Ahamadnagar, one at Jalana, and the other at Sinnar. These workshops were attended by 40 women beedi workers in each place. They were medically examined and they were made aware of the hazards to their health and life in beedimaking. An awareness for alternate professions was also put before them. The response to these awareness programs was tremendous, and a follow up program will also be done. Just last week a training program for women beedi workers was organised . Self help groups were formed. In this training program 30 beedi workers were trained in making Sharbats, Jams, Jellies, and pickles. They were also taught food preservation and were trained in raw material purchasing, production, sale and marketing of the above products. Our success lies in the fact that out of 40 women who attended our workshop in Ahamadnagar, 10 women have given up beedi making and have taken up alternate profession. .

The Mumbai branch has thus grown from strength to strength from a small sapling to a large tree giving shade to the weaker & downtrodden sections of the society only due to the sincere & dedicated service of each & every member of every branch.

Reported by,

Mrs. Rekha Sali
Hon. Secretary
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President -Sheela Kakde

Heartiest congratulations to our president smt. sheela r. kakde for being elected as secretary general aiwc new delhi. smt. sheela kakde created history as for the first time, election for the post of sec. general was uncontested.


From the President`s desk--- It is great pleasure for me to welcome and greet you all a Happy New Year! In my long journey of 25 years of Social Service , this is indeed a great moment for me to host this 82nd Annual conference of the All India Women`s Conference. It is really a gratifying thought, that at the beginning of my tenure as President of Mumbai Branch...


Padmabhushan,Dr. Sarojini Varadappan.

“ I am extremely happy to hear that Mumbai branch of the All India Women`s Conference is publishing the `Eighty years of Mumbai Branch` on the occasion of the 82nd Annual Conference to be held at Mumbai from 1st to 4th January 2010...


Dr. Dhairyabala Vora

I feel very proud and previledged to welcome all the guests and delegates to the 82nd Annual Conference of AIWC. It was in Mumbai, then known as Bombay that the seed of the organisation was sown and a small committee called the Social Reform and Education committee...


Annual Report

  Report of the 82nd annual conference

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